Nexperia – Common mode filters with integrated ESD protection for USB, HDMI and MIPI lines


Nexperia’s new common-mode filters with integrated TrEOS ESD protection help designers to create unbroken communications links and to prevent EMI disturbance between high-speed wired communications standards and popular wireless systems such as LTE, Wi-Fi® or Bluetooth® radios.

The filter devices are particularly suitable for use with high-speed USB3.1, HDMI2.0 or MIPI wired interfaces.

The Nexperia devices offer a wider differential pass-band than other silicon-based solutions and than ferrite-based products. In addition, they have a lower ESD clamping voltage than any other common-mode filters.

The integrated ESD capability provides more than 15kV of protection against system-level ESD strikes.

This is enough even for the most sensitive USB 3.1 transceivers. The Nexperia products also offer strong common-mode noise rejection for the USB3.1 fundamentals at 2.5GHz and 5GHz.

With the introduction of these products, Nexperia provides a solution for common-mode filtering and stand-alone ESD protection in the same footprint, which allows for last-minute changes to PCB designs for maximum flexibility and shorter design cycles.

Devices with combined common-mode filtering and ESD capability include:

PCMF1USB3S – Protects one line pair
PCMF1HDMI2S – Protects one line pair
PCMF2HDMI2S – Protects two line pairs
PCMF3USB3S – Protects three line pairs
PCMF3HDMI2S – Protects three line pairs


  • Convenient RF routing for USB Type-CTM connectors
  • Integration of filters with ESD protection saves space
  • 0.3pF diode capacitance


  • Protection of USB, HDMI and MIPI lines