NXP – New reference design implements 15W Qi-compliant wireless charging transmitter


NXP Semiconductors’ WCT-15WTX1- COILFF is a reference design for a fixed-frequency, single-coil wireless power transmitter with a 15W rating.

The reference design uses the MWCT10xx transmitter controller IC, a device which integrates all the required functions of a wireless power-transmitter design that complies with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi® standard.

The design incorporates the NXP Touch capacitive-sensing technology to detect a mobile device positioned ready for charging while consuming very little power in stand-by mode.

The WCT-15WTX1COILFF offers considerable freedom to the developer to differentiate the end-product design and to meet a range of application requirements. The MWCT101x controller supports the Extended Power Profile (EPP) for industrial and consumer power-transmitter designs of the MP-Ax or MP-Bx types or for custom applications.

It uses fixed-frequency control methods such as rail-voltage control, phase-difference control or duty-cycle control. This software- based solution supports wireless charging for both EPP and baseline power profile receivers.

In addition, the easy- to-use FreeMASTER GUI offers configuration, calibration and debugging functions to provide a user-friendly design environment and to reduce development time.


  • Compliant with the Qi v1.2.2 specification
  • Cost-optimised consumer design
  • >70% transfer efficiency
  • Integrated digital demodulation on-chip
  • I2C, UART, SPI and CAN interfaces


  • Wireless charging