Panasonic – Chip-type solid polymer capacitors offer highest capacitance in their class


Panasonic Industry Europe has added two new series to its SP-Cap family of conductive polymer aluminium capacitors, providing higher capacitance and better ripple-current performance in devices housed in D-case sizes.

As polymer capacitors do not require voltage derating, unlike tantalum capacitors, an SP-Cap part rated at 6.3V can act as a direct replacement for a 10V tantalum capacitor. Similarly, pure tantalum products give diminished capacitance at higher frequencies. In both cases, an SP-Cap part requires the use
of fewer components in circuit designs. The same will often apply to circuits which currently use multiple multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), especially the stacked types.

By comparison with tantalum devices, the SP-Caps offer more stable performance over temperature and frequency, are more reliable because of their self-healing mechanism, and are resistant to ignition.

In the SP-Cap family, the CY and SY series are available with nominal capacitance values ranging from 330μF to 470μF, and with voltage ratings of 6.3V and 4V.

They are rated for 2,000h of operation at a temperature of 85°C.

The capacitors are housed in a surface- mount package with a footprint of 7.3mm x 4.3mm. Package height is 2.8mm.


  • High ripple-current ratings
    - CY series: 5.1ARMS
    - SY series: 6.3ARMS
  • ±20% capacitance tolerance


  • Power-converter circuits
  • Power adaptors