Panasonic – New Bluetooth Low Energy radio module offers class-leading low power consumption


Panasonic Industry Europe’s new PAN1760A is a Bluetooth® radio module which offers very low power consumption when transmitting or receiving Bluetooth Low Energy signals.

The module features peak power consumption of only 3.3mA in Transmit and Receive mode. Its low power consumption enables sophisticated Bluetooth capabilities to be built into embedded devices without compromising battery life.

The surface-mount PAN1760A module, which measures 15.6mm x 8.7mm x 1.9mm, conforms to the specifications of the Bluetooth 4.2 standard, and is supplied with a Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack.

The PAN1760A product can either be operated in AT command or Host mode for simple integration of Bluetooth connectivity into existing products that have a microcontroller, or in stand-alone mode.

In stand-alone mode, the PAN1760A’s 256kbytes of Flash memory, 83kbytes of RAM and ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller core are available for the user application. This means that the PAN1760A can be used in many designs without the need for an external processor, saving cost and space and reducing complexity.

The new PAN1760A also supports easy migration from earlier Panasonic Bluetooth modules such as the PAN1760, the PAN1761, and the PAN1026. All versions share the same footprint. In addition, the amount of new code required when migrating from the PAN1026 or PAN1760 is very small. Previously developed Bluetooth Low Energy profiles and applications can also easily be transferred to the PAN1760A.


  • 26MHz crystal
  • Chip antenna
  • -93dBm receiver sensitivity
  • 0dBm maximum Transmit power
  • Two UART interfaces
  • SPI and I2C interfaces
  • Four PWM outputs
  • ADC


  • IoT devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial systems