Panasonic – Pyroelectric passive infrared sensor offers improved radial sensitivity


Panasonic has developed a special lens which improves the radial sensitivity of pyroelectric PIR sensors.

The wide-angle models in the EKMCxxx and EKMBxxx PaPIR sensor families featuring the patented lens are intended for use in both wired and battery-powered applications. The superior optical characteristics of the new lens give a large detection angle of 150° horizontal x 35° vertical.

Pyroelectric PIR sensors use lenses to direct incoming heat radiation to the sensor elements. If an object with a temperature that differs from that of the surroundings moves into the detection area, the sensor reacts. Parameters such as the ambient temperature and the size, speed and direction of movement of
the object influence the response time and the detection distance of the sensor.

An inherent feature of pyroelectric PIR sensors is that tangential movements, at a 90° angle to the sensor, are easier to detect than radial movements. This means that the detection distance is smaller if the object moves towards the sensor. Panasonic’s new wide-angle lens has the effect of increasing sensitivity to radial movements.

Wide-angle versions of the EKMCxxx and EKMBxxx products are available with a digital output, and with a stand-by current rating of 1μA, 2μA, 6μA or 170μA.


  • Available with white, pearl-white or black lens
  • Operating-temperature range:
    -20°C to 60°C
  • 5m human body detection range
  • Operating-voltage range: 2.3V to 4.0V


  • Thermostats for heating control
  • Automatic light switches
  • IP cameras
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Smart offices
  • Display automatic wake-up function