STMicroelectronics – RF module provides ready-to-use implementation of a Bluetooth Low Energy master or slave


The SPBTLE-1S from STMicroelectronics is an easy-to-use Bluetooth® Low Energy processor module which complies with the Bluetooth 4.2 standard specification. The device supports multiple roles simultaneously, and can act at the same time as a Bluetooth Smart master and slave.

Based on the BlueNRG-1 system- on-chip, the SPBTLE-1S module provides a complete RF platform in a tiny form factor. As well as the radio and a chip antenna, the module includes an ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller core backed by 160kbytes of Flash and 24kbytes of RAM. A comprehensive Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack is embedded in the module.

It also includes high-frequency and low-power oscillators, helping accelerate the time-to- market of the final application. The module has certifications including CE marking and FCC and IC approvals.

The SPBTLE-1S may be powered directly by a pair of AAA batteries, or by any power source from 1.7V to 3.6V.


  • 5dBm maximum Transmit power
  • AES security co-processor
  • 13.5mm x 11.5mm footprint, 2mm high
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C


  • Fitness, wellness and sports equipment
  • Consumer medical devices
  • Security/proximity monitors
  • Remote controls
  • Home and industrial automation
  • Assisted living
  • Mobile phone peripherals
  • PC peripherals

The STEVAL-IDB007V1M evaluation platform is based on the SPBTLE-1S module. It provides a set of peripheral hardware resources including accelerometer, pressure sensor and temperature sensor, user buttons and LEDs and debug message management via USB.

Orderable Part Number: STEVAL-IDB007V1M