Vicor – New 10mm x 14mm buck regulator modules support output currents up to 22A



Vicor has extended its family of Cool-Power® 48V ZVS buck regulator modules by introducing the PI3523, PI3525 and PI3526, which provide output currents twice as high as existing parts in the family in a package just 40% larger.

This means that the Cool-Power 48V family now provides scalable power options for direct-to-point-of-load applications operating from a 48V nominal input and drawing a current of up to 22A.

The PI352x modules only require an output inductor and few passive components to make a complete and cost-effective design which occupies less than 740mm2 of PCB area. Supporting easy paralleling in combinations of up to three regulators, the PI352x devices can be scaled to support higher-current loads.


  • >96% peak efficiency
  • User-adjustable soft-start and tracking
  • Constant-voltage or constant-current operation
  • Two-phase interleaving
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 125°C


  • Lighting
  • Communications equipment
  • Automotive equipment
  • Data centres
Part NumberPackageInput Voltage RangeNominal Output VoltageCurrent
PI3523-00-LGIZ*10mm x 14mm30 – 60V3.3V22A
PI3525-00-LGIZ10mm x 14mm30 – 60V5.0V20A
PI3526-00-LGIZ*10mm x 14mm30 – 60V12V18A
PI3542-00-LGIZ10mm x 10mm36 – 60V2.5V10A
PI3543-00-LGIZ10mm x 10mm36 – 60V3.3V10A
PI3545-00-LGIZ10mm x 10mm36 – 60V5.0V10A
PI3546-00-LGIZ10mm x 10mm36 – 60V12V9A