Vicor – New 700V DC-DC converter with fixed-ratio output in miniature board-mount package


Vicor has added a new fixed-ratio, high- voltage bus converter to its line-up of Bus Converter Module (BCM) products. The new BCM4414xG0F4440 steps down a rectified input voltage in a range from 400V to 700V DC by a fixed 1/16 ratio to produce an output of 25.00V to 43.75V DC.

The module is housed in a thermally efficient 4414 VIA package measuring 111mm x 36mm x 9.3mm and offering 4.3kV of galvanic isolation. It is supplied in chassis-mount and board-mount versions. Maximum power output is 1.75kW, and peak efficiency is 97%. The power density of the BCM4414xG0F4440 is 700W/in3.

The robust VIA package also provides integrated PMBusTM communication, EMI filtering and protection against transient voltages. These flexible modules can easily be paralleled to provide higher-power arrays.

In addition, the BCM outputs can be connected in series for higher output voltages. Providing DC-DC conversion after AC rectification and power factor correction, the 700V BCM provides a small, efficient component enabling designers to create compact and cost-effective three-phase systems with a Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) output.

BCM products are also ideal power components for use in tethered unmanned vehicles and power-distribution systems.

Also, a BCM can be used as an isolated unregulated front-end, which can then feed various Vicor point-of-load buck and buck- boost regulator modules, as well as Vicor PRM and VTM modules in a factorised power architecture.


  • Bi-directional operation
  • 40A maximum continuous output current
  • Operating-temperature ranges:
    - T-grade: -40 ̊C to 100 ̊C
    - C-grade: -20 ̊C to 100 ̊C
    - Mil-grade: -55 ̊C to 100 ̊C
  • Over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, short-circuit and thermal protection functions


  • Power distribution systems
  • Remote unmanned vehicles
  • Three-phase power circuits
  • Industrial equipment