Vishay – Thick-film chip resistors withstand operation in presence of atmospheric sulphur


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced a new series of thick-film chip resistors for automotive and industrial applications which offer a combination of excellent resistance to atmospheric sulphur with high power and pulse- load performance.

The RCA-HP e3 series of resistors has a special robust construction which provides an ability to withstand concentrations of sulphur in saturated vapour form in accordance with the ASTM B809-95 standard. Sulphur resistance is verified through accelerated testing at 90°C for 1,000 hours.

In addition, the resistors can handle high and repetitive pulses, and support power dissipation of as much as 1.5W.

The RCA-HP e3 series resistors are available in eight case sizes ranging from 0402 to 2512. The devices offer resistance values ranging from 1Ω to 1MΩ, with tolerances of ±1% and ±5%. The devices are specified with a thermal coefficient of resistance of ±100ppm/K or ±200ppm/K.

All the resistors feature double-sided printed resistor elements with a protective coating, apart from the RCA0402-HP e3 which is single-sided. The devices have pure tin plating, which provides compatibility with lead- free and lead-containing soldering processes.


  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • 155°C maximum film temperature
  • Operating-temperature range: -55°C to 155°C


  • Automotive systems
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial applications
Part NumberCase SizePower Rating P70 (W)Operating Voltage (V)
RCA0402-HP e304020.250
RCA0603-HP e306030.2575
RCA0805-HP e308050.5150
RCA1206-HP e312060.75200
RCA1210-HP e312100.75200
RCA1218-HP e312181.5200
RCA2010-HP e320101.0400
RCA2512-HP e325121.5500