Nexperia – MOSFETs combine strong linear-mode performance and low on-resistance for always-on applications


Nexperia’s NextPower Live series of MOSFETs offers reliable linear-mode performance and low on-resistance, making them ideal for applications requiring hot-swap and soft-start functionality.

Rack-mount computers, communications and storage equipment have to maintain continuous operation to support always-on services such as internet web servers. Nexperia’s NextPower Live MOSFETs offer features which are intended to support such applications.

For instance, when a replacement board is plugged into a live system, it is important that the in-rush current is carefully controlled, to protect the components on the board and to ensure that other parts of the system do not experience any power disruption. MOSFETs with strong linear-mode performance and a wide Safe Operating Area (SOA) are required to manage this current effectively and reliably.

In addition, once the replacement board is safely installed, the MOSFET will be turned fully on. In this mode of operation, low on-resistance is of high importance, as it helps to limit temperature rise and keeps system efficiency high.


  • Maximum drain-source voltage: 30V or 100V
  • Maximum drain current: up to 120A
  • 175°C maximum operating temperature


  • Blade servers
  • Network storage equipment
  • Routers, switches and basestations
  • Communications infrastructure
  • RAID arrays
  • Industrial process control systems
  • Industrial PCs
  • Programmable logic controllers