NXP – PMICs provide highly integrated power solution for MCUs or applications processors

NXP Semiconductors supplies a wide range of Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs), which provide high-performance power- management solutions for various applications in the automotive, consumer and industrial markets.

Use of a PMIC provides a highly integrated alternative to the implementation of a circuit based on multiple discrete components. NXP PMICs integrate power management, system control, battery management, interface and audio functions, as well as other system-specific functions, into a single chip.

They also take advantage of high-performance NXP process technologies to achieve very high efficiency for extended battery life and reduced power dissipation. Each PMIC family is designed to support a specific series of microcontrollers or applications processors. For instance, the i.MX 6, i.MX 6PLUS and i.MX 7 applications processors are supported by the PF0100/ PF0200, PF3000, PF3001 and PF1550 series of PMICs.

Likewise, the VR500 family of PMICs is optimised for NXP’s QorIQ® networking communications processors. VR500 PMICs offer multiple, specially programmed DC-DC and LDO regulator outputs for the ARM® Cortex®-A-based Layerscape 1 and the T1 Power Architecture series processors. In addition, various versions of the VR500 family have been incorporated into reference platforms incorporating the Layerscape 1 processors.

A typical NXP processor application might supply three functional domains:
• The processor and its DRAM main memory. Sophisticated power-management modes implement dynamic voltage and frequency scaling
• Peripherals, such as radios, memories and sensors
• A USB channel, which might require a boost power supply to an output of 5V if the input voltage drops

The NXP PMICs can supply all of these domains from a single chip.


  • Li-ion cell charger
  • Buck regulators
  • LDOs
  • Voltage references
  • User-programmable low-noise LDO regulators
  • Boost regulator for USB
  • Programmable output voltage
  • Current limit
  • Fault detection
  • Power sequencing


  • Industrial equipment
  • Automotive systems
  • Consumer devices


Orderable Part Numbers: KITPF3000FRDMEVM and KITVR500EVM

ProductsDevice FunctionsBattery ChargerInterface and Input ControlAmbient Temperature Range
PF seriesPMICs for i.MX processors, configurable PMICsLi-ion Coin cellI2C-40°C to 85°C
VR500 seriesDC/DC regulator, PMIC, PMICs for Layerscape 1 processorsCoin cellI2C-40°C to 105°C