ROHM Semiconductor – New SiC trench MOSFET family offers extra reductions in on-resistance


ROHM Semiconductor has extended its third generation of MOSFETs fabricated in the wide bandgap Silicon Carbide (SiC) material, offering low on-resistance and switching losses and supporting high-frequency and high-temperature operation.

The third-generation parts are trench MOSFETs, in contrast with ROHM’s first- and second-generation SiC MOSFETs, which were planar devices. The new trench construction gives even lower on-resistance: typical on-resistance is halved compared to a planar part of the same size. Input capacitance is reduced by 35%.

Use of the new SiC MOSFETs supports high-frequency switching, and enables the implementation of compact and extremely efficient power-supply designs.

On introduction of the third generation, ROHM supplied the 1,200V SCT3040KL, with on-resistance of 40mΩ and a maximum drain current of 55A, and the 650V SCT3030AL, with on-resistance of 30mΩ and maximum current of 70A. ROHM has now added a complete portfolio of third-generation parts with breakdown-voltage ratings of 1,200V and 650V.

In 2018, ROHM will also add new package options to its SiC trench MOSFET family: the TO263-7L and TO-247-4 package styles.


  • Low capacitance
  • Low gate charge
  • Short reverse-recovery time
  • Stable on-resistance over temperature
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature


  • Factory automation equipment
  • Solar inverters
  • Motor drives
  • Induction heating