STMicroelectronics – 1,200V SiC diode combines high efficiency with high surge-current tolerance


STMicroelectronics’ STPSC10H12 is a 1,200V Schottky power diode fabricated on a Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrate which supports very fast and efficient switching.

The wide bandgap SiC material permits the design of a Schottky diode structure that combines a low forward voltage, for reduced power loss and higher efficiency, with the robustness of a 1,200V repetitive peak reverse-voltage rating.

Because of the diode’s Schottky construction, it draws a negligible reverse- recovery current at turn-off, and ringing patterns are negligible. The diode’s negligible turn-off capacitance characteristic is stable across the operating-temperature range.

Like all ST’s 1,200V SiC diodes, the STPSC10H12 as well as the automotive-grade STPSC10H12-Y offer an excellent trade-off between forward voltage and surge-current tolerance.

In ST’s 1,200V SiC diodes, the surge capability for a 10ms pulse is around seven times the diode’s nominal current. The ST range of diodes includes devices with nominal current values ranging between 2A and 40A.

The forward voltage drop of the STPSC10H12 is typically 1.35V at nominal current and room temperature – a market- leading value which is highly reproducible over all production units.

The device is also available in a common-cathode topology as a 2 x 5A diode, the STPSC10H12C, for a more integrated power design.


  • 10A nominal forward current
  • 71A surge current rating for a 10ms sinusoidal pulse at room temperature
  • 5μA reverse leakage current at a junction temperature of 25°C
  • Robust high-voltage periphery
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature


  • Solar converters
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • On-board battery chargers for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Telecoms power supplies
  • Motor drives
  • High-power servers
  • Uninterruptible power supplies