STMicroelectronics – Digital controller suitable for interleaved CCM power factor correction circuits


Fully configurable through an intuitive GUI, STMicroelectronics’ new STNRGPF01 digital controller for Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuits provides the same level of performance as a DSP, but with a much lower level of complexity and with no requirement for firmware development.

Rugged enough for high-end industrial Switch- Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) as well as high-power home appliances, the STNRGPF01 digital controller features an interleaved Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM)
boost PFC topology. Interleaved CCM PFC topologies are necessary when regulating the power for loads above 1kW with reasonably sized magnetic components while supporting current splitting.

The STNRGPF01 splits the PFC management into two or more parallel channels depending on the load condition, therefore ensuring the highest level of efficiency at any load. This allows the size of the EMI filter and inductor to be smaller than when using traditional single- stage PFC controllers. In addition, switch power management is improved and the average current of the output capacitor is reduced.

The STNRGPF01 implements mixed analogue and digital signal control, offering the advantages of a very high-end digital solution: the inner current loop is performed in hardware to realise an analogue Proportional-Integral (PI) compensator, providing for cycle-by-cycle regulation. The outer voltage loop is performed by a digital PI controller with fast dynamic response.

The device’s dedicated eDesignSuite GUI accepts converter specifications entered by the user, and supplies schematics, a bill-of- materials, and custom binary code which can be loaded into the IC.

Development with the STNRGPF01 is different from the use of DSPs: the designer is not required to write any lines of firmware, to know the device registry and memory map, or to handle interrupt generation and manage priorities.


  • Flexible working frequency up to 300kHz to drive either MOSFET or IGBT
  • Configurable phase shedding for high efficiency over a wide load range
  • Soft start-up to reduce electrical stress and to manage in-rush current
  • UART and I2C interfaces
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 105°C


  • Switch-mode power supplies rated for loads >1kW
  • Industrial equipment
  • Home appliances

The EVAL-IPFC01V1 is a 3kW interleaved PFC kit based on the STNRGPF01 digital controller. It is comprised of three boards: the STEVAL-IPFC01P1 power board, the STEVAL-IPFC01C1 control board and the STEVAL- IPFC01A1 adapter board.

Orderable Part Number: EVAL-IPFC01V1