TE Connectivity – Power connectors give high current capability in small form factor


TE Connectivity’s (TE) ELCON Mini power interconnects are ideal for systems which have to accommodate a high power capability of up to 40A per contact in a very small space.

The ELCON Mini connectors have a small form factor which is just 8mm high, and rated for 400V AC/DC. These interconnects support reliable system performance, offering low resistance and a dependable physical interface thanks to their positive metal latch retention, optional coding contacts for sense/ detect functionality, enhanced grounding, and use of industry- proven crimp contacts.

The family of ELCON Mini power interconnects includes press-fit attach options and original solder-tail parts, multiple position sizes, right- angle or vertical mounting options, as well as sequenced and touch-proof contacts.

TE also supplies ELCON Mini power cable assemblies in standard or high-flex designs for easier routability. Metal latch or plastic pull-tab types are also available.


  • 2-position configuration is similar in size to an HDMI connector
  • 3-, 4- and 6-position (2 x 3) configurations also available
  • Optional pull tab for power I/O applications
  • Optional third pin for protective grounding
  • 14-10 AWG cable sizes
  • 0.3mΩ maximum contact resistance


  • Data communications equipment
  • Wireless communications equipment
  • Data centres
  • Storage equipment
  • Industrial power supplies
  • Commercial and high-power appliances
  • Power distribution units