TT Electronics – Isolated high-voltage flyback transformer optimised for Avago ACPL-32JT chipset


TT Electronics has introduced the HA00-14013LFTR, an isolated high- voltage flyback transformer solution which is ideal for automotive DC- DC converter applications in which size and efficiency are of critical importance.

The flyback transformer, which is used in an isolated version of a buck-boost switch-mode topology, consists of a coupled inductor arrangement. When the transistor is turned on, current builds up in the primary winding and energy is stored in the core. This energy is then released to the output circuit through the secondary winding when the switch is turned off.

The HA00-14013LFTR operates as a step-up transformer for DC- DC converters that require a high isolation voltage between the primary and secondary sides. It is intended for use with Avago’s ACPL-32JT and ACPL-302J gate-drive optocouplers, which are for automotive and industrial applications respectively.

The main reasons for selecting the TT Electronics HA00-14013LFTR are to enable a lower peak primary voltage, for simpler circuitry, and for lower leakage inductance resulting in improved efficiency.


  • 155°C maximum operating temperature
  • AEC-Q200 certified
  • Compact package
  • High-voltage isolation


  • Transportation
  • Industrial switch-mode power supplies
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Automotive gate-drive applications