Vishay – New low-profile rectifiers save space and help increase power density


Vishay Intertechnology has introduced 13 new 200V and 600V FRED Pt rectifiers which feature ultra-fast recovery times as low as 14ns. The rectifiers are available in automotive- grade and commercial/
industrial versions.

Supplied in an eSMP® series SlimDPAK (TO-252AE) package, the new rectifiers offer a lower profile and better thermal performance than devices in a DPAK (TO-252AA) package. This package option allows power-system designers to achieve high power density and high efficiency in automotive and telecoms applications.

The new rectifiers’ SlimDPAK package is footprint-compatible with the DPAK package, but has a 43% lower profile. In addition, its heat- sink mounting area is 14% larger, helping the designer to achieve lower thermal resistance.

The FRED Pt rectifiers’ low forward voltage drop contributes to high system efficiency: the voltage drop is as low as 0.71V in the VS-4EVH02HM3 and VS-4EVH02-M3 parts, which have a single 4A maximum forward-current rating, and the dual 4A VS- 8CVH02HM3 and VS-8CVH02-M3.

Forward-current ratings for the new rectifiers are as high as 10A for devices with a breakdown-voltage rating of 200V, and 15A for the 600V rectifiers.

The FRED Pt rectifiers are compatible with automated placement equipment, and allow for automated optical inspection in automotive production systems.


  • Low reverse-recovery charge
  • Soft-recovery features
  • Operating-temperature range: -55°C to 175°C


  • Power supplies for telecoms equipment
  • Automotive engine control units
  • Anti-lock braking systems
  • Power circuits for high-intensity discharge and LED lighting