CUI INC – DC axial fans with advanced bearing system provide improved lifetime and performance


The CUI Thermal Management Group’s new CFM-V line of DC axial fans boasts superior performance and reliability compared to conventional sleeve-bearing fans, thanks to its innovative omniCOOLTM system.

With typical MTBF ratings of 70,000 hours at 40°C and various speed options, CUI’s line of DC axial fans with the omniCOOL system provides the ideal mix of economy and performance for a variety of cooling needs.

The advanced omniCOOL bearing design bridges the cost/performance gap between traditional sleeve and ball- bearing fan technologies. Incorporating a magnetic structure which enables rotor balancing to minimise tilt, wobble and friction, the omniCOOL system allows for fan operation at any angle. It also reduces the need for lubricant, decreasing fan noise and friction.

In addition, the bearing system extends the fan’s operational lifetime by using a specially hardened material which provides high resistance to heat, and offers protection against abrasion.

The CFM-V series fans are available in frame sizes from 40mm to 120mm, and produce airflows ranging from 5.4 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) to 10.8 CFM in the 40mm series, and up to 138 CFM in the 120mm series.

Optional features include a tachometer signal and rotation detector. Static pressure values range from 0.04 inch H2O to 0.41 inch H2O.

Current ratings range from 26mA to 958mA.

All models in the CFM-V series carry UL/cUL 507 and TUV EN 60950-1 safety approvals while complying with EN 61000-6-1:2007 limits for EMC.


  • Speed range: 1,700rpm to 8,500rpm
  • Audible noise range: 10.7dB to 48dB
  • Rated voltage options: 5V, 12V, 24V or 48V DC
  • Auto-restart protection standard on all models


  • Telecoms equipment
  • Industrial systems
  • Medical devices