Lumileds – Performance upgrade for family of colour LEDs for lighting applications


Lumileds announced that it has improved the flux across its family of colour LEDs.

Performance improvements to the flagship LUXEON C Color Line include 20% higher lumen output in its LUXEON C Green and Cyan LEDs than the previous generation. In addition, the LUXEON C Red-Orange LED offers a 12% flux increase and the LUXEON C Red an 8% increase.

Featuring a standard focal length suited to colour-mixing applications, the LUXEON C Color Line enables fixture designers to maximise optical efficiency and eliminate halos.

All LUXEON C Color Line LEDs are hot tested at 85°C to ensure excellent performance in application conditions.

The lowest thermal resistance in the industry, at 2.8°C/W, also helps to reduce heat-sink cost, or allows LEDs to be driven harder for higher output than is achieved with a competitor’s LEDs.

Lumileds has also announced 20% flux improvements to the Green and Cyan colour LEDs in the LUXEON Z Color Line and LUXEON Rebel Color Line.


  • Low dome design eliminates trade-offs between flux and source size
  • Small symmetrical 2mm x 2mm package enables dense packing and limits the impact of rotation during reflow
  • Colour options: Far Red, Deep Red, Red, Red-Orange, Amber, Phosphor-converted Amber, Mint, Lime, Green, Cyan, Blue, Royal Blue


  • Architectural and entertainment lighting
  • Colour-tunable lamps
  • Emergency vehicle lighting