STMicroelectronics – Eclipse-based tool speeds application development for users of SPC5 MCUs


STMicroelectronics’ SPC5Studio is an Eclipse plug-in development environment for users of ST’s SPC5 family of Power Architecture® automotive microcontrollers. It enables users to define new components and third parties to develop new plug-ins.

Code generated in the SPC5Studio environment is compliant with the requirements of the ANSI C standard and the MISRA 2012 quality standard.

The latest version 5 of the SPC5Studio tool has a new look and feel, and provides a comprehensive framework for designing, building and deploying SPC5 applications.

The new user interface makes the creation of applications easier and more intuitive.

It is possible to extend the functionality of the SPCStudio tool through the ST marketplace, which has been populated with new installable components which provide flexibility and enable a high degree of customisation.

Users can build embedded software for SPC5 MCUs by selecting the target MCU, defining the status of its resources in the GUI and combining pre-defined software components.

The application wizard allows users to resolve dependencies automatically and produce syntax error-free projects on first compilation.


  • XML templates for easy export to other development environments
  • Fully MISRA 2012-compliant Register Level Access (RLA) low-level drivers
  • MISRA 2012 checking for customer code
  • Graphical configuration of MCU pins
  • Full clock tree configuration with automatic constraint checking
  • FreeRTOS open-source real-time operating system
  • GNU C Compiler component
  • Integration with Green Hills Software compiler toolchain
  • Professional GNU C compiler available from HighTec


  • Automotive systems