STMicroelectronics – New MCUs with best-in-class memory and improved graphics features help embedded devices to do more with less power


STMicroelectronics has introduced the new STM32L4+ family of low-power microcontrollers, a new generation of the popular STM32L4 series which improves processor performance to 150DMIPS at 120MHz and includes an innovative graphics controller for circular displays.

The new STM32L4+ MCUs are ideal for use in wearable devices and other applications which require sophisticated functions, instant responses and minimal downtime for battery charging.

The new MCUs offer strong processor performance, while the generous on-chip memory of STM32L4+ devices includes 640kbytes of SRAM to support high-speed computation and help maximise graphics performance. In addition, the devices in this series provide up to 2Mbytes of dual-bank Flash memory, giving extensive code and data storage with efficient read-while-write capability.

These are the largest memory densities available from ultra-low power microcontrollers on the market today. The Flash memory also offers error-correction features, suitable for use in safety-conscious applications.

The enhanced memory capabilities include dual Octo SPI ports, making these the first STM32 devices to support this interface. The dual ports allow cost-effective and high-speed extension of code or data storage using single/ dual/quad/octal SPI or HyperBusTM, Flash or SRAM memories.

The introduction of the STM32L4+ family also sees the emergence of a new Chrom-GRCTM graphics controller which can handle circular displays just as efficiently as square LCDs, without wasting resources managing pixels that are never displayed. Also on-chip is ST’s innovative Chrom-ART AcceleratorTM: this offloads repetitive 2D graphics calculations from the main CPU. It can perform 2D copies, transparency and alpha-blending operations, as well as pixel-format conversions two times faster than the main CPU.

The new STM32L4+ MCUs also feature the advanced power-saving technologies found in all STM32L-series devices, including FlexPowerControl, which protects important data such as SRAM contents and I/O pin states when the device is in low-power modes.

Applications developed for the earlier STM32L4 microcontrollers can run unchanged on the new devices, with improved performance.


  • USB Host, Device and OTG capabilities
  • 17 timers
  • SPI, SAI and CAN interfaces
  • High-speed ADCs
  • DACs
  • Precision voltage references
  • Comparators
  • Op amps


  • Fitness bands and smart watches
  • Small medical devices
  • Smart meters
  • Industrial sensors