TE Connectivity – Precise IR sensors for measuring blood oxygen levels


TE Connectivity (TE) supplies a range of re-usable and disposable SpO2 optical components and complete sensor packages which provide for highly accurate detection of the level of oxygen in a medical patient’s bloodstream.

Drawing on more than 27 years of proven reliability and expertise, TE has designed SpO2 (blood oximetry) sensors with best in-class flexibility, offering multiple wavelength options. TE’s infrared LED emitters are available in four standard wavelength choices: 880nm, 905nm, 910nm and 940nm.

The TE sensors offer very precise measurement of blood oxygen levels. In dual- drive emitters featuring both a red and an IR LED, the red LED wavelength tolerance is ±2nm for wavelengths up to 660nm, and the proprietary emitters are spectrally matched to operate with a paired detector.


  • Highly efficient detector assemblies offer fast response
  • Bio-compatible sensor packages
  • Latex-free disposable pulse oximetry sensors
  • Lightweight, soft-pad designs are comfortable to wear
  • Easily-cleaned finger-clip sensor designs


  • Patient-monitoring equipment