ams – Tunable White Lighting… Simplified!


The AS7221 and AS7225 smart lighting manager and director, from optical sensing leader ams AG, bring luminaire manufacturers and integrators the world’s first chip-scale tunable-white integrated lighting “system-on-chip” solutions. The addition of closed loop optical sensing delivers the added benefit of optimizing overall system architecture by enabling tunable-white solutions from a single channel driver, while loosening LED binning requirements and eliminating light-by-light calibration.

The AS7221 Manager is a fully integrated luminaire control system, compatible with standard 0-10V and PWM outputs, and enabled for IoT connectivity and network control through standard clients such as BLE, ZigBee or WiFi, through a complete Smart Lighting Command Set.

The AS7225 Director is a host-based approach, designed to seamlessly deliver CCT tuning “directives” to any in-luminaire application processor to bring closed loop precision to an existing connected or smart light.

The industry agrees that tunable white will become a standard feature for most commercial luminaire, and many consumer lamps, in just a few short years. By combining a pre-calibrated closed loop sensing solution with tuning and management algorithms, lighting manufactures designing with the AS722x family can now quickly integrate high-precision CCT/tunable-white capabilities into their standard product offerings.

Simplified Tunable White and Daylighting, from ams AG

  • Out-of-the-box solution, including algorithms, for months of time-to-market saving
  • Optically calibrated sensor-driven closed loop solution that adds precision and lowers the overall manufactured product cost
  • Silicon interference filters produce human eye type color-accuracy which is CCT-calibrated for life
  • Enables high-quality tunable white from a single channel driver architecture
  • Broad range of interfaces to support legacy controls, connectivity and IoT expandability