C&K – Innovative anti-tampering switch protects smart meters and alarms from piracy


The new ATS series of switches from C&K offers an extended lifetime and instant detection capability for use in connected products such as smart meters, alarms and point-of-sale terminals.

The ATS switches provide a cost-effective option for applications which require the ability to reliably detect opening or hacking of devices.

Standard ATS series switches have compact dimension: a 6mm x 3.8mm footprint and a low 3.2mm profile. The switch uses a soft actuator and has mechanical travel of 1.1mm. This includes an over-travel margin of 0.4mm, helping to ease integration of the switch into the end-product’s mechanical design.

The ATS switch is IP54-rated and resistant to corrosive agents, making it ideal for harsh environments and anti-tampering applications.

Its normally-closed contacts and low contact resistance provide for low power consumption.


  • Vertical detect
  • 5,000-cycle electrical life rating
    Contact ratings:
    - 50mA (silver)
    - 10mA (gold)
  • <350mΩ contact resistance
  • >250VRMS dielectric strength
  • Operating temperature ranges:
    - -40°C to 85°C for silver contacts
    - -40°C to 125°C for gold contacts


  • IoT end nodes
  • User interface in home appliances