Decawave – Development board enables fast deployment of real-time location systems


DecaWave has introduced the DWM1001-DEV, a development board which helps system designers to accelerate the integration of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) into various types of end-products.

The DWM1001-DEV includes a combined Bluetooth® Low Energy and ultra-wideband DWM1001 transceiver module, battery connector and charging circuit, LEDs, buttons, and Raspberry Pi and USB connectors. The transceiver is capable of locating objects to a precision of ±10cm indoors.

The board is also available from DecaWave in packs of 12 in the form of the new MDEK1001 evaluation kit.

Battery- or USB-powered, the kit comes with an RTLS embedded stack with user APIs and an application for the Android™ platform. Each unit can be used as a development system in its own right.