Lumileds & OSRAM – How to fast-track design of spotlights and accent lights with perfectly matching CoB LEDs and drivers


Fig. 1: Lumileds offers a broad portfolio of CoB light sources in its LUXEON CoB Core Range

By Francois Mirand
Technical Director, Future Lighting Solutions

Retailers, grocers and the hospitality industry discovered some years ago the benefits of replacing older light source technologies with solid-state LED lighting in accent lights and spotlights. LEDs consume less power, lowering operating costs. They generate less heat, cause less damage to merchandise on display. And they afford tighter beam control, enabling the lighting designer to make valuable goods stand out and catch the eye.

All these benefits are still valid today. But more recently solid-state lighting technology has advanced, providing greater advantages to businesses that adopt the latest LEDs. At the forefront of the new developments is Lumileds, one of the best-known names in the LED industry.

Lumileds has a popular portfolio of LEDs in standard Chip-on-Board (CoB) form factors. CoB LEDs have become the favoured light source in spotlights and accent lighting, for two main reasons:
• ease of implementation in luminaire designs
• high centre beam candle power. In combination with appropriate optics, a CoB LED can produce an intense and tightly focussed beam of light.

The Lumileds LUXEON CoB Core Range of LEDs includes devices which produce as much as 30,000lm from a small Light-Emitting Surface (LES) of 32mm diameter. The LUXEON CoB Core Range offers options to satisfy the requirements of almost any lighting scheme in the field of general lighting, as shown in Figure 1.

Now, however, Lumileds has extended its CoB offering to include LEDs that have a precisely engineered spectrum dedicated for each commercial application. Early adopters of these new products have found that they have a marked impact on footfall, customer behaviour and sales in environments such as grocery stores, fashion outlets and restaurants.

The LUXEON Stylist series is intended for use in the retail sector. LUXEON Stylist LEDs which use CrispColor TechnologyTM can replace halogen or incandescent lighting. They highlight rich colours and increase contrast.

Specialist lighting for food displays
Lumileds has also developed LED technology for use in the grocery sector. Its FreshFocus TechnologyTM is the basis of LEDs with tightly defined chromaticity specifications, helping to emphasise the freshness and allure of food. There are different variants of the technology for use in the lighting of:
• red meat
• marbled meat
• fresh fish
• produce
• bread and pastries

Hospitality lighting
The requirements for lighting in the hospitality sector are quite different from those of retail stores. Rather than creating an effect of brightness and clarity, restaurants and hotels normally demand a feeling of warmth and intimacy.

Lumileds has also created a line of LUXEON Stylist LEDs for this sector. LUXEON AtmoSphere TechnologyTM LEDs create enhanced interior aesthetics.

Perfect companion LED drivers
Supporting the implementation of luminaire designs based on the LUXEON Stylist range of CoB LEDs, Osram provides a wide range of indoor LED drivers that offer close compatibility with the LUXEON series’ voltage and current ratings. All Osram drivers provide Class II electrical safety isolation and a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) output and all- round protections.

The Osram Element series is a range of cost-effective entry-level drivers with a fixed current output. Designed for 30,000h operating life, it comes with a three-year standard warranty. Easy to commission with push-in connections and integrated cable clamp for luminaire and independent installation.

The OPTOTRONIC® OT FIT range adds versatility, providing the option for output-current setting and low ripple. Operating life is up 100,000h and this is backed with a five-year warranty.

At the high end, Osram supplies the OPTOTRONIC Intelligent OTi DALI series. These drivers feature:
• Intelligent programming with advanced functions such as Constant Lumen Output
• DALI communication interface (Fit for SMART GRID)
• Voltage/current window output with LEDset analogue control interface
• Very low output ripple as well as amplitude dimming down to 1%
• Compatibility with Osram’s DALIeco BT CONTROL Bluetooth® gateway for wireless remote control

Osram OPTOTRONIC drivers feature push-in wiring terminals for easy installation. Additional cable clamps are available to fulfil the requirements of independent control gear connection via through-looping


Fig. 2: Osram OT FIT, Element and OTi DALI optotronic drivers

One-stop shop
Lumileds and Osram produce two key elements of a spotlight or accent light for use in retail or hospitality lighting schemes.

Implementing a complete design requires the addition of CoB holders, heat-sinks, reflectors and lenses, as well as lighting controls and sensors for smart lighting systems, as shown in Figure 3. Here, the technical specialists and applications engineers at Future Lighting Solutions can provide advice and support. And Future Lighting Solutions can supply every part of the luminaire system, giving lighting equipment manufacturers a complete one-stop shop for all their lighting component needs.


Fig. 3: All key components of a CoB-based spotlight can be sourced from Future Lighting Solutions