Nichia – New DMC package enables tighter spacing of LEDs in high-flux designs


The NVSW/LE21AT from Nichia is a series of white LEDs which uses a new Direct Mountable Chip (DMC) package design to produce higher flux density than conventional chip-scale LEDs, particularly in board designs which are tightly populated with emitters.

The higher flux density is the result of the lower optical losses sustained by the DMC package compared to conventional designs. The DMC package also produces a uniform, Lambertian optical distribution pattern.

Typical flux loss for the NVSW/LE21AT is below 1% when the LEDs are spaced 0.3mm apart. By comparison, the flux loss for traditional chip-scale LEDs is almost 5%.

The increased lumen density achieved by the use of DMC LEDs can also enable a lower system-level cost-per-lumen, while the small size of the source supports the use of smaller optics and a smaller housing.

The NVSW/LE21AT also features a unique one-sided emitter design which minimises the optical cross-talk and colour shift associated with chip-scale packages that use a five-sided emitter design.

Thermal resistance is rated at below 1°C/W and the NVSWE21AT off ers a three- or fivestep binning process and high CRI levels.

The robust design of the LED, with no wire bonds, helps to keep the failure rate low and provides high resistance to corrosion in the presence of sulphur.


  • 1.4A maximum forward current
  • 3.0V forward voltage at a forward current of 0.7A
  • 298lm fl ux for 82CRI LED at forward current of 0.7A
  • 135°C maximum junction temperature


  • LED lighting
  • Tunable white lighting systems
  • Replacement for 3535 high-power LEDs