NXP Semiconductors – Rapid prototyping kit accelerates design of secure IoT end nodes


NXP Semiconductors has launched a board which provides a rapid development platform for Internet of Things (IoT) nodes.

The Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit, which has the orderable part number SLN-RPK-NODE, is supplied with a comprehensive suite of tools and software, including a real-time operating system, drivers, middleware, applications for the iOS and Android® mobile operating environments, and cloud connectivity. It is also supported by NXP’s MCUXpresso software development kit and configuration tool.

The Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit has a Kinetis K64F microcontroller as its central element:
it has a 120MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core and 256kbytes of SRAM. The board also features a KW41Z wireless MCU, providing Bluetooth® Low Energy, Thread and ZigBee® connectivity for connection to a gateway or the cloud.

The kit also provides for strong security, and features an A1006 secure authentication and anti- counterfeiting IC, and an NT3H2211 NFC NTAG plus wireless identification IC.

The kit is supplied with various pre-programmed applications, including:
• Weather station with air quality monitoring
• Thermostat
• Low-power motion detection
• Tilt/fall detection
• Tap counter
• RBG LED control

Multiple sensor options are offered, including a gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, temperature sensor, air quality sensor, ambient light sensor and capacitive touch sensor. The kit can be easily expanded by using compatible Mikroelektronika Click modules.


  • MC34671 battery charger IC
  • PCF2123 real-time clock
  • NX3P191 power switches
  • NX3L2267GU analogue switch


  • IoT end nodes
  • Wireless sensors


Orderable Part Number: SLN-RPK-NODE