STMicroelectronics – 800V MOSFET series offers low on-resistance in switching power-conversion applications


The STx7N80K5 from STMicroelectronics is a series of 800V N-channel power MOSFETs which enable designers to implement highly efficient converter circuits in switching power supplies.

This high-voltage MOSFET series takes advantage of ST’s MDmeshTM K5 process technology, which is based on an innovative proprietary vertical structure. This fabrication technology produces devices which are characterised by very low on-resistance and ultra-low gate charge. Offering a competitive product of on-resistance and board footprint, these MOSFETs are suitable for applications requiring high power density and efficiency.

In the STx7N80K5 series, maximum on-resistance is rated at 1.2Ω. The devices can handle a maximum continuous drain current of 6A and dissipate 110W at a case temperature of 110°C.

Total gate charge is rated at 13.4nC when drawing a 6A drain current at a voltage of 640V.

There are three parts in this 800V series:
• STD7N80K5 in a surface-mount DPAK package
• STP7N80K5 in a tabbed TO-220 through-hole package
• STU7N80K5 in an IPAK through-hole package


  • 4V gate threshold voltage
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Zener-protected


  • Switch-mode power supplies