STMicroelectronics – Demo kit for NFC interface IC includes 32-bit MCU-based motherboard



The ST25DV-DISCOVERY from STMicroelectronics is a demonstration kit showing the capabilities of the ST25DV series of NFC interface ICs. The kit consists of an NFC daughtercard containing a ST25DV04K and a Class 5 antenna, and a motherboard featuring an STM32 microcontroller.

The ST25DV chip has both a contactless NFC and a wired I2C interface as well as a 4kbit EEPROM memory, and can operate as a bridge from a microcontroller-based board to any NFC-enabled device such as a smartphone. The ST25DV can also be read by a 13.56MHz RFID reader.

The ST25DV’s protocol software is compatible with the ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC Forum Type 5 tag specifications.