STMicroelectronics – Spinning gadget demonstrates MEMS accelerometer capabilities


The new STidget Spinner from Future Electronics and STMicroelectronics can help unleash creative development ideas.

The STidget Spinner board features a six-axis MEMS accelerometer/gyroscope module, the LSM6DS3TR, and an STM32L051K6U6 ultra low-power microcontroller. The MCU has been programmed to calculate the speed of the spinner in revolutions per minute using measurements of rotation captured by the LSM6DS3TR module.

The STidget board also features an SPBTLE-RF Bluetooth® radio module, which provides a wireless connection to the user’s smartphone, tablet or laptop computer, on which the board’s speed measurements may be viewed.

Like all STM32 devices, the MCU is supported by the comprehensive ST suite of development tools, including the STM32CubeMX initialisation code generator.

Also included in the STidget Spinner is a VL6180X proximity sensor, which operates on the time-of-flight principle, and an STTS2004B2DN3F digital temperature sensor.


  • LDK320AM30R LDO regulator with input-voltage range of 2.5V to 18V
  • Board’s radio system complies with v4.1 of Bluetooth specifications
  • ±2°C temperature sensing accuracy


  • Motion-sensing systems
  • Temperature-sensor circuits
  • Short-range wireless designs

Orderable Part Number: STidget