STMicroelectronics – Switching regulator provides up to 3A to power high-brightness LEDs


STMicroelectronics’ LED6000 is a stepdown monolithic switching regulator which sources up to 3A DC current for driving high-brightness LEDs.

The LED6000 supports digital dimming, which is implemented by driving the dedicated Dim pin. The device’s sense resistor for current sensing causes a small voltage drop of just 250mV, helping to sustain high system efficiency.

The LED6000 offers adjustable current limitation and adjustable switching frequency in a range from 250kHz to 1.5MHz, giving designers the freedom to optimise the system design for small size.

Multiple LED6000 devices may be synchronised by sharing the Synch pin to reduce the average input current value.

The device is fully protected against overheating, over-current and output short-circuits.

STMicroelectronics also supplies the LED6001, an LED driver operating from an input-voltage range of 5.5V to 36V and with an integrated boost controller.


  • Input-voltage range: 4.5V to 61V
  • 10μA shut-down current
  • ±3% output current accuracy
  • Adjustable soft-start time
  • Output-voltage sequencing


  • LED lighting

The STEVAL-ILL078V1 is a 1A buck LED driver evaluation board based on the LED6000 that can handle inputs of up to 60V.

Orderable Part Number: STEVAL-ILL078V1