CTS Corporation – Reliable optical encoder supplied as complete assembly


The 291 series of optical encoders from CTS, which uses a non-contacting optical encoding technology, provides designers with a wide range of configuration options to give versatility in system design.

These optical encoders, which provide a precise digital output, offer high reliability and a long operating lifetime because of their non-contacting design, which means that they avoid the mechanical wear and tear and vulnerability to contamination to which traditional encoder devices are prone.

The 291 series encoders are supplied as a complete mechanical assembly in a variety of termination styles and shaft lengths.

The designer can also choose from a wide range of options in parameters including:
• resolution
• power consumption
• operating-temperature range
• detents
• bushing length
• torque
• operating voltage and IP rating


  • Operating life:
    • No detent at 30rpm: 3 million rotations
    • With detent at 30rpm: 1 million rotations
  • Optional momentary switch
  • Optional dual shaft


  • Audio / Video Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Test Equipment
Part NumberTerminationMounting OrientationBushing SizeShaft TypePulses per RevolutionNumber of Detents
291C6022F624AB6" ribbon cable with connectorVertical0.312"0.687" Long flatted shaft624
291C6022F832AB6" ribbon cable with connectorVertical0.312"0.687" Long flatted shaft832
291V1022F624AB0.050" pitch pinsVertical0.312"0.687" Long flatted shaft624
291V1022F832AB0.050" pitch pinsVertical0.312"0.687" Long flatted shaft832
291P1024SZ00AAB0.10" pitch pinsVertical0.312"0.875" Long slotted shaft640
291P1022FX24ABB0.10" pitch pinsVertical0.312"0.687" Long flatted shaft2424
291P1022FY00ABB0.10" pitch pinsVertical0.312"0.687" Long flatted shaft320