Panasonic – New edge-mount switches occupy very small footprint


Panasonic Industry Europe has launched the EVPAT, a new edge-mount Light Touch switch which has a small footprint of just 3.4mm x 1.7mm. The switch’s height on the PCB after installation is just 1.1mm.

Because of the edge-mount structure of the EVPAT switch, it can resist the actuation force of the user operating the switch. The rated operating force is 1.6N, and the switch is specified to last for 500,000 switching cycles.

Bounce time in switching operation is a maximum 10ms. The EVPAT switch is able to be used in operating temperatures up to 85°C.


  • IP67 rating
  • 0.11mm travel
  • 20mA current rating
  • 15V DC voltage rating
  • 50MΩ insulation resistance


  • Wearable devices
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Handheld and portable devices