Panasonic – New power inductors for automotive applications feature high heat and vibration resistance


Panasonic Industry Europe has launched a series of reliable power inductors for automotive and other applications which require tolerance of high temperatures of up to 150°C and resistance to vibrations of up to 30g.

Benefitting from a shielded construction, the new ETQ-P3M surface-mount inductors are ideal for use in switching power-conversion systems operating at frequencies higher than 2MHz. They help the power-system designer to achieve high efficiency, since they offer both low DC resistance in the winding and low eddy-current losses in the core.

The inductors have a low profile, maximum height is only 3mm, and offer excellent inductance and temperature stability over a broad temperature range.

There are two standard parts in the new ETQ-P3M series: the ETQP3M2R2HFP, which has a rated inductance of 2.2μH and DC resistance of 19.5mΩ; and the ETQP3M100HFN, with 10.0μH inductance and resistance of 68.0mΩ.


  • Low buzz noise
  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Metal composite core
  • High bias current


  • Noise filters in drive circuits
  • DC-DC converters
  • LED drivers