STMicroelectronics – ST introduces mesh networking software for BlueNRG Bluetooth radios


STMicroelectronics has introduced a complete software solution for its range of Bluetooth® Low Energy radio transceivers which enables them to form a mesh network.

By forming a mesh network, Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices can communicate in two directions over a far longer range than a simple point-to-point connection can cover.

ST’s BlueNRG-Mesh software solution includes the core functionality required to form a secure communication network, and provides developers with the flexibility needed to build a wide variety of applications. It supports the multi-hop mode of data transmission, and allows the formation of mesh networks containing as many as 32,767 nodes.

The BlueNRG-Mesh software’s mesh networking implementation is provided as a library. ST also supplies demonstration application source code. The solution is compatible with the ST BlueNRG range of products:
• BlueNRG-1
• BlueNRG-2
• BlueNRG-MS with the STM32L152RE

It enables interoperation with smartphones in two modes:

• smartphone-to-node communication with unicast addressing
• smartphone-to-node communication with broadcast addressing

It also enables node-to-node communication.


  • All messages in the network are encrypted
  • Software development kit for Android™ and iOS operating platforms


  • Internet of Things
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Home and building automation