STMicroelectronics – USB Type-C controller provides integrated USB Power Delivery functions


The STUSB1602 is a USB Type-C™ controller which implements port management on the host and/or device side, and is suited for a broad range of applications.

The STUSB1602 can handle all USB-C controller functions, including:
• attach detection
• plug orientation detection
• host-to-device connection
• connector voltage support
• supply voltage configuration

It also provides a line driver for USB Power Delivery (PD) Transmit and Receive signals, and a Biphase Mark Coding (BMC) transceiver, which provides for USB PD negotiation and alternative-mode operation through an external microcontroller.

The STUSB1602 is compliant with the USB Type-C standard revision 1.2 and the USB PD standard revision 2.0. It is compatible with version 3.0 of the USB PD standard.


  • Configurable start-up profiles
  • Integrated power switch for connector voltage supply
  • Support for dead battery operation
  • I²C interface and interrupt
  • Integrated supply-voltage monitoring
  • Accessory mode support


  • Smart plugs, wall power adapters and chargers
  • Power hubs and docking stations
  • Gaming devices
  • Displays
  • Cameras, camcorders and media players
  • Any USB Type-C source or sink device

Orderable Part Number: P-NUCLEO-USB002