Vishay – Solid tantalum chip capacitors save space in densely-populated board designs


Vishay Intertechnology supplies three series of solid tantalum surface-mount chip capacitors for circuit designs which require small case sizes and a low profile.

Suitable for high-density board layouts, the compact packages of the TMCJ, TMCP and TMCU series of capacitors save PCB space, while their low profiles mean that they are ideal for mounting on mezzanine cards.

The capacitors operate over a temperature range of -55°C to 125°C, with voltage de-rating at temperatures higher than 85°C.


  • Qualified to EIA-717


  • Industrial systems
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Power converters
Case codeJ (1608-09)P (2012-12)UA (3216-12) UB (3528-12)
Capacitance values0.68μF to 22μF0.1μF to 47μF0.1μF to 220μF
Tolerance ratings±20%±20%±10%, ±20%
Voltage ratings2.5V DC to 20V DC2.5V DC to 25V DC2.5V DC to 25V DC
Maximum equivalent series resistance values at 25°C and 100kHz10Ω to 27.5Ω4.0Ω to 33Ω1.1Ω to 40Ω
Maximum ripple current values at 100kHz0.043A to 0.071A0.044A to 0.126A0.044A to 0.295A