ams – Magnetic position sensors provide accurate and precise angle measurements at very high rotation speeds


Magnetic position sensors from ams provide accurate angle measurements to enable electronically commutated motors to achieve excellent control of torque both at start-up and in high- speed operation. Effective torque control provides for more efficient motor operation and eliminates vibration and other interfering mechanical effects caused by torque ripple.

The ams AS5x47 position sensors are equipped with integrated Dynamic Angle Error Compensation (DAECTM) technology which offers almost zero latency. All ams magnetic position sensors feature a robust design which suppresses the influence of any homogeneous external stray magnetic field.

The AS5x47 series magnetic position sensors’ high-speed performance and incremental ABI outputs make them a robust replacement for optical encoders. Motor- control system designers can easily replace an optical encoder with an ams magnetic position sensor’s measurement system without any change to their control software or interface. The total system cost of a design based on the AS5x47 series is far lower than that of an equivalent optical encoder or resolver.

The AS5x15 series is based on an integrated Hall element array. The devices translate the angular position of a simple two-pole magnet into analogue output voltages. The angle information is provided by means of buffered sine and cosine voltages via a Synchronous Serial Interface. The devices provide absolute angle measurement over a full 360° range.

Part NumberMaximum Speed (rpm)Redundant sensor circuitAutomotive qualifiedResolutionInterfaceOutput type
AS5047P28,000NoNo14-bitSPIABI, UVW and PWM
AS5147P28,000NoYes14-bitSPIABI, UVW and PWM
AS524714,500YesYes14-bitSPIABI, UVW and PWM


  • Immune to stray magnetic fields
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 150°C
  • Up to 28krpm


  • IoT end nodes
  • User interface in home appliances

AS5047P-TS_EK_AB, AS5115-SS_EK_AB, AS5147P-TS_EK_AB and AS5247-MF_EK_AB