EATON – Large ELDC modules provide back-up power in high-voltage DC power systems


Rugged, high-voltage supercapacitor modules from Eaton offer high power capability and the high reliability required in industrial and automotive applications.

Eaton supercapacitors use an Electrochemical Double- Layer Capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with proprietary materials and processes. They are extremely rugged and reliable, and are suitable for use as auxiliary and back-up power systems for large motor drives and for renewable energy supplies.

Three Eaton products are particularly well suited to use in the power systems for large industrial motor drives:
• The XVM-16R2656-R operates at 16V and provides capacity of 65F.
• The XLR-48R6167-R operates at 48.6V and provides capacity of 166F. It is supplied in a rugged IP65-rated package measuring 177mm x 421mm x 196mm, and weighs 14.7kg.
• The XLM-62R1137A-R is a 62V module with a capacity of 130F. It has an IP20 rating.

The modules can be connected in series and parallel configurations to work at up to 850V DC, and to meet the required capacitance value.

When used in a motor system, the supercap modules are generally connected to electric drives to provide instant power when needed to start the rotor, or when the power supply has failed or is insufficient, and the equipment needs to finish an operating cycle before moving to a fail-safe position waiting for the power to return.

Eaton’s supercap modules are easily configurable, and are supplied with integrated management systems for functions such as cell balancing, temperature measurement and over-voltage monitoring.


  • Millions of charge/discharge cycles
  • No heavy metals
  • UL recognised


  • Industrial motor drives
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Grid storage