Future Electronics – Motor Control: recommended parts and manufacturers


MCUs with associated motor-control libraries

  • STMicroelectronics’ STM32
  • NXP’s Kinetis E1xF ; V3x/V4x/V5x
  • Microchip’s PIC32 MK, MC or ATSAMD5x/E5x or dsPIC33EP/EV
  • Cypress’ PSOC or FM4
  • For high-end application (industrial robotics, very high-speed, >100k/rpm or high precision. FPGAs such as Microsemi’s SmartFusion 2 SoC (Cortex®-M3 + FPGA) with motor control algorithms implemented in FPGA. Software enablement is key is motor control.
  • Microchip’s motor-control library, simulation tools, motor bench development suite and many reference designs help customers to make optimised control on various targets for 8-, 16- and 32-bit options.
  • NXP’s Motor Suite is an easy development suite BLDC/PMSM; Motor Control Application Tuning tool (MCATSW) or Real-time Control Embedded Software (RTCESL). NXP also provides Freemaster, a real-time debugging tool which supports non-intrusive monitoring, debugging or optimisation.
  • STMicroelectronics’ motor-control software development kit, X-CUBE-MCSDK, comprises a rich selection of control libraries (FOC/PMSM, MTPA, flux weakening, feed forward control). It provides a GUI to accelerate the configuration phase. Automatic code generation is provided and the motor profiler is also proven to detect motor parameters.

Current sensing

• Melexis MLX91206/7/8/9 or MLX91210/6/7
• Crocus CT219
• Diodes ZXCT1082 or 1083
• Microchip PAC1921

Machine monitoring and preventive maintenance
Shock sensors and accelerometers are available from:
• TE Connectivity
• Murata
• NXP Semiconductors
• STMicroelectronics
• ROHM Semiconductor

Position sensing
Magnetic Hall sensors from:
• Melexis
• Diodes
• ams
Inductive sensors from:
• Microsemi

Stepper motor drivers

• Microchip
• ON Semiconductor
• STMicroelectronics

Brushed DC motor drivers
• Diodes
• Microchip
• ON Semiconductor
• STMicroelectronics

Brushless DC motor drivers
• Microchip
• ON Semiconductor
• STMicroelectronics

High-voltage drivers
Three-phase bridges are available from:
• ON Semiconductor
• ROHM Semiconductor
• Littelfuse
• Microsemi
• STMicroelectronics

DC link capacitors
• Nichicon ULD series
• NIC NRZJ series
• Panasonic EEHZA or EEHZC
• Vishay MKT1820

Precision resistors for current measurement
• Panasonic
• Vishay