OSRAM – LED lamp drivers include new DEXAL power and data interface for smart lighting fixtures


OSRAM has launched two OPTOTRONIC linear LED drivers rated for output power of 30W and 50W which support the new Data Exchange for Advanced Lighting (DEXAL) data and power interface for smart lighting fixtures.

The 30W OTi 30/120-277/1A0 DX L and the 50W OTi 50/120-277/1A4 DX L are the first LED drivers to make the DEXAL technology available to lighting equipment manufacturers in Europe.

DEXAL technology is a non-proprietary, DALI-based intra-luminaire interface which provides a power bus and enables bi- directional data communication between a driver and smart components integrated into a lighting fixture. The data types supported by the DEXAL interface include detailed luminaire- specific information such as diagnostics.

DEXAL offers a streamlined method for making a fixture a smart node in a networked lighting management system. It enables luminaire manufacturers to supply system integrators with smart fixtures which offer bi-directional communication of fixture-level data.

DEXAL is now in the process of adoption by industry-standard bodies, including the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) and ANSI, in its C137.4 standard.

DEXAL-compliant smart control components for integration into fixtures are already available from suppliers such as Current (part of GE), Enlighted, Lutron, Magnum Energy Solutions and Nedap, as well as OSRAM with its Encelium lighting management system.


  • Dimming range: 1% to 100%
  • Supports analogue and PWM dimming methods
  • Programmable constant lumen function
  • >0.95 power factor
  • 88% peak efficiency
  • Output-voltage range: 10V to 56V
  • 50,000h rated lifetime
  • SELV galvanic isolation


  • Office lighting
  • Education facilities
  • Linear lighting fixtures