Panasonic – Low-profile latching-type relay features a high power rating


Panasonic has launched a new, low- profile version of its proven 16A DW-H latching-type relay.
The reduced height of the new DW-HL relay means that it is ideally suited to building automation equipment and to the Internet of Things, for which it can be accommodated
in devices such as smart switches, smart sockets and in-wall equipment. Its dimensions are 24mm x 10mm x 16mm.

The DW-HL relay offers a minimum operating life of 25,000 switching cycles. It can handle in-rush currents of 117A at 240V AC according to the TV-8 standard.

The relay is notable for its low coil power dissipation: just 200mW for the single-coil latching type, and 400mW for the two-coil type.

The safe isolation of control and power signals is assured by the relay’s 6mm creepage and clearance distance between contact and coil. The relay also features a breakdown voltage of 6kV between contact and coil.


  • 16A/277V AC power rating
  • UL/C-UL recognised
  • VDE approved
  • 12kV surge withstand voltage


  • KNX bus-compatible building controls
  • LED and halogen lighting systems
  • Window shutter motors
  • Solenoid valves
  • Electrical equipment
  • Power distribution units