STMicroelectronics – 1,200V IGBT power module supplies up to 15A to motor-drive circuits


STMicroelectronics’ A1C15S12M3 is an inverter power module rated for a maximum 1,200V breakdown voltage and 15A continuous drain current.

The module, which implements the converter- inverter brake topology, is housed in an ACEPACKTM 1 package with an integrated NTC temperature sensor. The ACEPACK 1 package has a Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) substrate which offers very low thermal impedance. Its isolation voltage rating is 2,500V.

The A1C15S12M3 integrates seven IGBTs built with ST’s advanced trench gate field-stop technology. This IGBT technology offers an excellent balance between conduction loss and switching loss, maximising the efficiency of switching converters operating at frequencies up to 20kHz.


  • Converter’s rectifier has 1,600V rating
  • Soft and fast recovery diode
  • 6V gate threshold voltage
  • 1.95V collector-emitter saturation voltage at 15A
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature at IGBTs


  • Inverters
  • Motor drives