STMicroelectronics – Comprehensive toolkit provides hardware and software for BLDC and PMSM motor control


STMicroelectronics’ SPC5 Motor Control Tool Kit provides a complete motor-control and motor-drive demonstration system based on an SPC560P microcontroller board and an L9907 MOSFET driver board.

The kit, which has the part number SPC5- MCTK-01, provides both the hardware and software needed to develop a complete brushless DC motor-control circuit for use in automotive applications.

The kit’s hardware consists of an SPC560P-DISP MCU Discovery board, and an EVAL-L9907 board, which includes both the L9907 MOSFET gate driver and an inverter power stage.

The kit’s software is the SPC5-MCTK-LIB, a firmware library for implementing Field-Oriented Commutation (FOC) control of a BLDC or Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM).

It also includes an SPC5Studio configurator plug-in, and an SPC5 motor-control live monitor.

The SPC5-MCTK-01 may be used to evaluate the performance of an SPC5 MCU in applications implementing single or dual FOC of three-phase permanent magnet motors.

The real-time monitor in the SPC5Studio software – provided as a Java application running on the Windows® operating system – enables the user to visualise the speed and power of a running motor, and to change directly the firmware settings, such as amplification gain or reference speed.


  • Speed and torque control
  • Special motor-control algorithms available:
    - Maximum torque per ampere
    - Flux weakening
    - Feed-forward
  • Firmware compliant with ANSI C and MISRA
  • Compatible with FreeGCC, Hightec and Green Hills Software compilers


  • Automotive BLDC motors
  • Automotive PMSM

Orderable Part Number: SPC5-MCTK-01