STMicroelectronics – Integrated H-bridge driver ICs save board space in automotive motor systems


The VNH7 ICs from STMicroelectronics are fully integrated H-bridges for driving DC motors. AEC-Q100 qualified, these automotive driver ICs are intended for use in auxiliary electric motors that actuate systems such as the boot lift mechanism, central locking, and wing-mirror position adjusters.

The VNH7 devices include a double high- side driver and two low-side drivers in the power stage, as well as a motor-control stage with a full set of diagnostic and protection functions. By using a device which integrates the power stage and control in a single device, the system designer can save both cost and space by comparison with a circuit composed of multiple discrete ICs.

The provision of control and protection features in the VNH7 devices also reduces the workload to be processed by the microcontroller in the electronic control unit.

The VNH7 products benefit from ST’s VIPowerTM M0-7 technology, and are housed in special packages which enhance both performance and robustness.


  • PWM operation at up to 20kHz
  • Cross-current protection
  • Over-temperature shut-down
  • Over-voltage clamp and under-voltage shut-down
  • Output protected against loss of ground and loss of power supply
  • Output protected against short to ground and short to supply
  • Very low stand-by power consumption


  • Door lock
  • Mirror position adjuster
  • Dual washer pump
  • Boot lid lifter


Part NumberPackageOn-resistance Per LegCurrent LimitMonitoring Capabilities
VNH7070BASSO-16N70mΩ22AMotor current
VNH7100BASSO-16N100mΩ18AMotor current
VNH7040AYPowerSSO-3640mΩ49AMotor current, battery voltage, chip temperature