TE Connectivity – Compact connectors for motor systems combine power and brake in one


TE Connectivity (TE)’s Micro Motor connectors provide a compact means to connect the power and brake cables and the encoder terminals in an electric motor.

The Micro Motor connector series, which is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, includes a nine-position encoder connector and a six-position power and brake connector. Combining the power and brake terminals into one connector provides for a more compact solution with enhanced resistance to vibration and shock.

The power connector is rated for a maximum 380V AC, and the brake connector for 48V DC. The encoder connector can handle up to 10V AC. The maximum current capability of the power connector is 5A, and for the brake connector, 2A. The encoder connector is rated for up to 1A.


  • IP67 rating
  • Robust contact design resists vibration
  • TÜV/UL recognised
  • Easy to install in the field
  • 100 mating cycles


  • Servo motors
  • Linear motors
  • Other electric motors