TE Connectivity – Resolvers for angle measurement in motors operate over long lifetime in harsh conditions


TE Connectivity (TE) supplies a series of hollow-shaft resolvers which accurately measure the angle of rotation in modern, high-precision motor-control systems.

TE’s hollow-shaft resolvers, which implement a non-contacting method of rotary position sensing, offer long operating life, and are resistant to shock, vibration, humidity and contamination by many lubricants.

The resolvers provide considerable flexibility in the mechanical design of the motor, as they can support measurement signal transmission over long distances without the need for additional signal conditioning. The resolvers’ outputs also feature low sensitivity to electromagnetic interference.

TE’s resolvers, which can measure absolute angle over a full 360° turn, achieve high angular measurement accuracy of up to ±4 arc minutes.

The resolvers are available in diameter sizes 15 and 21, and in 1-, 3- and 4-speed versions.


  • 20krpm maximum speed
  • Connects directly to TE Intercontec connectors
  • Available in single- and multi-turn variants
  • Operating-temperature range: -55°C to 150°C


  • Servo drives
  • Electric motors
  • Robotics
  • Factory automation equipment