Vishay – 60V MOSFETs operate reliably at temperatures up to 175°C


Vishay supplies a broad portfolio of 60V MOSFETs for use in power converter and inverter applications.

They include the SUM50020EL from the Vishay range of rugged MOSFETs, which features a maximum operating temperature of 175°C. A TrenchFET® power MOSFET, its gate can be driven with the logic-level drive current available from a microcontroller. It is ideally suited to the function of secondary synchronous rectification in power supplies.

Vishay also supplies the SUM110N06-3m4L, a 60V MOSFET in a TO-263 package which features on-resistance of 3.4mΩ. It can handle a maximum continuous drain current of 110A.


  • 2.1mΩ maximum on-resistance at a 10V gate voltage
  • 120A maximum continuous drain current
  • 0.4°C/W junction-to-case thermal resistance
  • 126nC total gate charge at a 10V gate voltage
  • 120ns reverse recovery time
  • SUM50020EL: Ideal for secondary synchronous rectification


  • DC-DC converters
  • Power tools
  • Motor-drive switches
  • Inverters
  • Battery management systems