ams – 48Mpixel CMOS image sensor supports 8K image resolution at 30 frames/s


The CMV50000 from ams is the industry’s first global-shutter CMOS image sensor to offer high resolution of 48Mpixels.

It enables camera manufacturers to replace Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) sensors, which have traditionally been required for ultra-high resolution applications, with a comparable CMOS image sensor, which is easier to integrate in camera designs, operates at much higher frame rates and consumes less power than a CCD sensor.

The CMV50000 is a 35mm-format image sensor which has 7,920 x 6,002 4.6μm-sized pixels. The sensor’s pixel array is based on ams’ patented eight-transistor pixel architecture. This architecture offers low noise and excellent electronic shutter efficiency. Because the CMV50000 has a global shutter rather than a rolling shutter, it can capture images of fast-moving objects without distortion or motion artefacts.

Operating at a fast 30 frames/s with 12-bit pixel depth at full resolution, the CMV50000 is ideal for use in high-speed machine-vision systems, such as the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment used in LCD panel factories. It is also suitable for TV broadcasting equipment and video cameras.

The CMV50000 has a serial peripheral interface for configuration and software control, and 22 LVDS channels for image data output, each operating at up to 830Mbits/s. An on-chip PLL generates all clock frequencies required internally from a single clock input.


  • Black-level clamping for high-quality images under low-light conditions
  • 64dB optical dynamic range at full resolution
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode with dual-exposure operation
  • 60 frames/s at 4K resolution


  • AOI equipment
  • Machine-vision systems
  • Video cameras
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Security cameras